Choosing Between Sling And Cushion Chaises For Your Patio

10 August, 2016

Adding up something to beautify your patio requires careful thinking. Your choices range from a host of the little to the big outdoor furniture pieces that you can purchase. One thing is for sure though. You will definitely want one item that can add to your comfort so you can have a better relaxation time in the outdoors.

If you want something luxurious to add to your patio, getting a chaise lounge will be a good option. This outdoor furniture combines both relaxation for comfort and a perfect furniture piece for outdoor social gatherings. It will definitely be an inviting piece that will make you stay and rest for some time. Your choices in this regard include the sling chaise and its cushion version. Let us compare these two to know which will fit your patio best.

Common characteristics of sling and cushion chaises

Whilst we are trying to set apart one from the other, it will also be good to look at what is common for these two. Like all other chaises, expect that both types are long chairs, a typical characteristic of all chaise lounges. They have been very popular patio additions since the ancient times and are considered a favourite place for relaxation for many. The more modern versions are reclining lounge chairs.

Getting familiar with the sling chaise

sling chaise

If you are looking for an addition to a patio that is proven to work all-year round, the sling chaise is a good option. This one is said to resist mould and mildew and is likewise a very great chair whether it is hot or cold outside. As the name implies, it comes with a sling design, a feature that allows air to keep your body cool when you are exposed in an outdoor space. This chaise provides better contour to the body and is proven to bring in comfort as you make use of it.

How about the cushion chaise?

A cushion chaise is perfect if heat and rain is not really much of an issue for your outdoors. Considered to provide the same comfort as those of its sling versions, this cushion variety will allow you to doze off as well whenever you feel like doing so. With different colours to choose from, you can easily get a cushion chaise that matches the requirements of your space. It has an extra padding for added comfort.

Which is a better choice between these two?

This question can be answered depending on your outdoor requirements. As mentioned awhile back, if you want a chaise that can adapt easily to weather changes, the sling chaise is a good choice. When these weather conditions are never an issue, the cushion chaise is a brilliant option to go for. Consider the design you want too before you decide on which type to get for your outdoors.

There are yet other pieces of furniture that can work well with your open space. Go through some of the Jarrah outdoor furniture in Midvale in our gallery and you will certainly be able to choose a perfect piece to go with your outdoor theme.

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