6 Wood Types Recommended For Outdoor Timber Furniture

06 July, 2016

When buying furniture for outdoor usage, one of the most important considerations that one needs to make is finding the right type of material. Failing to do this often ends up in long-term losses, since the furniture often turns out to not last as long as one would expect it to. One of the things that one might need to keep in mind in order to select the right type of wooden furniture is to make sure that whatever they buy is made of the type of wood that is suitable for outdoor use. Top examples of these include:

White Cedar

This type of wood has the right combination of characteristics to make it more than ideal for this type of application. For one, it’s a very light type of wood, which means that moving furniture made out of it is not going to be very difficult. In addition to that, it has a light color that is often aesthetically pleasing in the outdoors. The fact that it’s very soft means that it can be made into complex designs with ease, making it much easier for one to end up with furniture types that they will like.


Most people who want to buy furniture often try to get ones made out of teak due to its strength and durability. This type of wood has a golden color to it, which makes it look very elegant in many settings. It’s mainly harvested from tropical forests.


This is a unique type of wood which is characterized as being light but strong. It has a medium texture, and is usually considered to be a lot more durable compared to other types of wood out there.


This is one of the most common types of wood around. This is mainly due to the fact that pine trees are easy to grow and are available in most parts of the country. One of the things you will benefit from when you get furniture made out of pine is the fact that they have great aesthetic appeal. The straight grain and uniform texture of the wood makes it appealing for many.


The fact that this is a hardwood means that you can expect it to last a very long time. In terms of aesthetics, Jarrah wood is characterized by a salmon shade with fine grains. This makes it a very elegant type of wood. In addition to that, the wood is also termite resistant, and can also resist fire and rotting better than other types of wood. This makes it more expensive than most types of wood, but also more than worth it as well.


This is yet another straight-grained type of wood with very good resistance against termites and rot, which makes it ideal for making outdoor furniture. It also happens to be a lot easier to clean compared to other types of wood.

If you are thinking of getting outdoor furniture made, ensuring that they are made out of any of the above would be a very good idea. This way, you can be assured that you will end up with furniture that will not only last long, but will also be appealing as well. Jarrah wood is particularly ideal for this due to the fact that it’s resistant to virtually all the threats to furniture that are found in the outdoors so as the experts often say, if you want to go outdoor with wooden furniture, go with Jarrah.

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