5 Vintage Pieces of Furniture to Give Your Home an Old-World Charm

22 June, 2016

Are you trying to create a period look in your home? Many Australians love to create decors with old-world charm that modern furniture just cannot replicate. Here are five vintage pieces of furniture that can help you do just that.

#1. A Chaise Longue

Originating in France, this style of sofa will give any home an old-world charm. A Chaise Longue resembles a combination of a chair and sofa. They have a sofa-like arm and back support at one end, but nothing at the opposite end. The main cushioned body is long and smooth allowing for a variety of uses. Depending on their mood, people may sit at one end, or lie down and stretch their legs out along the body of the chair.

#2. A Globe Drinks Cabinet

These items of furniture resemble large globes with an old fashioned map of the world printed on their exterior. Although some vintages examples do exist, they are antiques and attract a premium price. Most people opt for cheaper reproductions. The top of the globe lifts up to reveal a drinks cabinet.

#3. Wooden Children’s Chairs

wooden chair

In the past, a common christening gift was to give small chairs to children. These were miniature chairs crafted from exquisite species of hardwood. Some chairs were fully wooden while others had a wooden frame with twining for the seats and back. You may have no young kids at home, but that is not the point. The children they were given to rarely used these chairs. Such chairs will give any home a delightful old-world charm.

#4. A Phone Table

The world has changed and fewer people than ever before wear wristwatches, given the advent of mobile phones. While Apple may reverse this trend with the upcoming introduction of the iWatch, there seems to be no saviour in sight for the humble home phone. According to the ACMA, 19 per cent of Australians have no home phone at all, preferring instead to use their mobile phones. For the ultimate in old-world charm, a small wooden phone table – usually circular – would make the perfect addition to any period décor.

#5. A Shoe Rack

Nothing says welcome to your guests quite like a shoe rack. Crafted from traditional woods, many vintage shoe racks are rare antiques. Suppliers of Jarrah outdoor furniture often stock replicas of old fashioned shoe racks crafted from durable Jarrah wood. A shoe rack is the perfect additional to any home porch or outdoor area. Shoe racks provide people with a convenient place for storing their shoes. Most racks include a long wooden pole to act as a hand rest. This provides a point of stability for people to hold onto while they put their shoes on. Other features are shoe brushes so that people can clean the soles of their shoes before taking them off.


Any of these five pieces of vintage furniture will give your home an old-world charm. What do you think of our list? Which items would you add? Let us know your favourite item of vintage furniture in the comments below!

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